Information for Students from Refugee Backgrounds

Are you a refugee living in Germany and interested in studying at Kiel University of Applied Sciences? You are definitely welcome!

You can find general information on our flyer

Studies for Refugees

All our Bachelor programmes are taught in German, most of our Master programmes as well.

We have one Master programme in English.

Please take a look at what kind of language requirements we expect from you.


The admission requirements for refugees with foreign pre-qualifications are the same as those for international degree students.

Please note that Kiel UAS does not check any university entrance qualifications. This is only been done by uni-assist – and only if you apply for a concrete study course!

If you hold a certificate of equivalence for your university entrance qualification from the Ministry of Schleswig-Holstein, you can apply directly with us - DO NOT apply through uni-assist.

If your university entrance qualification does not allow you to study in Germany, the Studienkolleg might be a good opportunity for you!

Information leaflet in Arabic

TestAS for Refugees


Uni-Assist for Refugees

 NEW up from March, 1st!

Uni Assist free application procedure for refugees.

The application procedure, deadlines and semester fees for refugees are the same as those for all international students.


Information of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) is to be found here.


More information about studying in Germany for people with refugee background